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Bubba Qs BBQ Chicken

We learned a new trick from Bubba Qs for their BBQ Chicken recipe - rolling the chicken in apple cider vinegar and seasoning with both salt AND (a pinch of) sugar before placing on the grill. The results are outstanding! The vinegar adds an amazing depth to the chicken, while the sugar helps to lock in the natural flavor of the chicken while on the grill. Oh yea, and smuthering it all in Bubba Qs Original Recipe BBQ Sauce doesn't hurt either 😜

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Acorn Squash | Beef | Sorghum | Tomato

Taking inspiration from Chef Caleb Shriver's Kousa recipe, our band of Culinary Adventurers crafted this dish of beef and sorghum braised in last-of-the-season San Marzano tomato puree, seasoned with Gustus Vitae's Taste of Bordeaux - all stuffed into a hollowed out acorn squash and baked. The result was seriously delicious! Perfect for the transition from summer to fall - we hope you'll love this dish as much as our team.

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Because whats a celebration of America without dessert? Utilizing Bang Candy Co's Strawberry Rhubarb Syrup in a second application, you'll craft a crowd-pleaser with these cupcakes. Baked rhubarb, macerated strawberries and an infusion of the syrup itself into a whipped-cream topping, you might want to double up on this recipe - they're going to go fast! Artisan Ingredient Used: Bang Candy Co.

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Peaches. Sweet + juicy with just a touch of acidity. Is there a more perfect stone fruit? We took these seasonal delicacies, halved them and threw them on the grill before topping them with a dollop of burrata and a chili-infused peach vinaigrette made using Sparrow Lane's California Peach Vinegar. Because traditional fruit salads are so 2014. Artisan Ingredient Used: Sparrow Lane California Peach Vinegar.

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We recently learned of brining chicken in pickle brine from Chef Richard DeShantz of the Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group in Pittsburgh. The flavor imbued from this technique provides a rich and layered profile to the finished product that we thought it would be perfect for chicken wings - we were right! Utilizing McClures Spicy Pickles, we brined the chicken in the pickle brine and chopped up the pickle spears for the blue cheese remoulade. Spicy, salty, creamy and cheesy, these chicken wing are layered with flavor. Artisan Ingredient Used: McClure's Spicy Pickle Spears.

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