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Strawberry Basil Fields Forever

While spring time is teasing us, we are dreaming of summery days with perfect sun flare, scrapes on our shins from foraging and lazy afternoons. So we shook up a strawberry gin cocktail to make us feel better.
— Maura Gramzinski, Red Camper


2 oz. of your favorite Gin. Maura is partial to Leopold Bros Gin
1 Tablespoon, Strawberry Limoncello Deliciousness
A few sprigs of fresh basil
A squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice


Put your gin in the glass or shaker, strip the best leaves off the stems of the basil, tear into pieces and muddle it all up in the bottom of your glass or shaker. Add the Deliciousness and juice in and then fill with ice.  Give that a quick shake. Strain with a fine strainer into your anxiously awaiting cocktail glass and garnish with some more fresh basil.