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A Memorial Day Fare

What better way to celebrate remembrance than with good friends and great food. So commemorate America with recipes developed around American-made artisan ingredients. Featuring products curated by Chef Brittanny Anderson, we've put a twist on the classics to take your Memorial day BBQ to the next level! 

Check out the recipes below + grab The Box from Chef Anderson and throw a Memorial Day to remember!

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Granola | Hickory Syrup | Seeds + Nuts

Who says syrup can't be used in a healthy way? Chef Brittanny Anderson takes advantage of the hickory flavor of Falling Bark Farms' Hickory Syrup as a natural sweetener for her home-made granola. Master the recipe at home and follow along as Chef Anderson teaches the recipe to you step-by-step with her recipe video tutorial.

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Amy + John Gaw

Living on the East Coast next to the ocean, Amy was struck one day why she wasn't harvesting her own salt straight from the sea! After a few attempts, Amy and John now harvest their own Atlantic Ocean sea salt to use in everything form baking to cooking and cocktails to bottling and selling. Keep reading to explore the story of these two local creators and their philosophy towards their craft.

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Yellow Eye Beans

The cooked beans are soft and smooth. Mild enough to take on any flavors you use during cooking, even paired with mirepoix from the Farmers' Market is revolutionary. The more you cook with these beans, the more we know you'll love them. Perfect for adding flavor and body to stews (throw in a ham hock!) or making baked beans they can also be used in curries or health-minded wraps with ingredients like roasted chicken, avocado and cilantro pesto.

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