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 we’ve had the opportunity to work on activations for and with some of the most influential brands in the world


To us, food is the ultimate connector. You can learn more about a person, place or thing by eating than any almost other process – it has the power to transport you, introduce you to places uncharted and enhance connections never before felt. The FareTrade’s mission with every project is to accomplish just that – make our guests and our clients feel that they’re experiencing something dynamic, memorable and unforgettable.

With the ability to harness cutting-edge chefs and progressive makers, The FareTrade produces events and gifting to take brands to the next level. Dedicated to furthering the culinary dialogue, a portfolio of marketing and development services give small-batch artisans and chefs-on-the-cusp the ability to actualize their potentials. 

We believe every day should be a culinary adventure.


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