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Dried Chanterelles

Chanterelles are well regarded as the "Queen of the Forest" - brilliantly golden, meaty texture, and delicately perfumed. Hand harvested in Northern California this crop has a hint of dried apricot and will rehydrate with a deep intensity ideal for hearty soups, stews and dishes. With these, you'll want to chop them finely as they can be tougher than other dried varieties. 

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Connie Green

As a pioneer in the wild mushroom business, Connie Green founded Wine Forest Wild Foods in 1981 and continues to provide the very best wild and tamed foods available throughout the United States. They forage for some of the most applauded restaurants including the prestigious The French Laundry and proudly provide for many of the country's finest chefs and artisanal markets.

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Halibut Cheek | Farro | Maitake

While visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle and being overwhelmed by the abundance of fresh fish, we happened upon a cut that was new to us - Halibut Cheek. Naturally boneless, they are roughly the size of large scallops, with a meatier texture than the normally flakey halibut filets. The meatier texture of the cheek lends it to be cooked in a variety of ways - we decided to treat it like a steak by pan searing it and finishing off with an herb-butter basting.

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