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Posts tagged october 2016
Bubba Qs BBQ Chicken

We learned a new trick from Bubba Qs for their BBQ Chicken recipe - rolling the chicken in apple cider vinegar and seasoning with both salt AND (a pinch of) sugar before placing on the grill. The results are outstanding! The vinegar adds an amazing depth to the chicken, while the sugar helps to lock in the natural flavor of the chicken while on the grill. Oh yea, and smuthering it all in Bubba Qs Original Recipe BBQ Sauce doesn't hurt either 😜

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Tamalpais “Pai” Roth-McCormick

Raised on an organic farm in the Pacific Northwest where the long growing season, the gardens and beautiful setting act as her inspiration, Pai has been producing her selection of amazing provisions since 2010. A classically trained chef who has worked under many of San Francisco's finest chefs including Traci Des Jardin and Douglas Keane, McCormick challenged herself to leave the restaurant world behind and create something personal, where the secret to living well is to sprinkle love into everything.

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