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Bubba Qs BBQ Chicken

We learned a new trick from Bubba Qs for their BBQ Chicken recipe - rolling the chicken in apple cider vinegar and seasoning with both salt AND (a pinch of) sugar before placing on the grill. The results are outstanding! The vinegar adds an amazing depth to the chicken, while the sugar helps to lock in the natural flavor of the chicken while on the grill. Oh yea, and smuthering it all in Bubba Qs Original Recipe BBQ Sauce doesn't hurt either 😜

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Pepper Carrot Chicken Wings | Herb Lime Salad

Chicken wings. An All-American classic. Chef Caleb Shriver elevates this sports-view staple with A&B American Style Pepper Sauce, with some crisped up carrots and a refreshing herb salad. Grill these up this Sunday for the big game - whoever your team may be!

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Hickory Baked Chicken + Cracked Rice Bowl

Utilizing the smokey sweetness of Falling Bark Farm's Hickory Syrup as the marinade base for the chicken imparts a unique and complex flavor with just enough sugars to add a nice caramelization when baked. Coupled with Schaller & Weber's Bavarian Style Mustard to add a little tang + come chilis for spice, the left-over marinade makes for a perfect finishing sauce the the sautéed vegetables in this health-focused rice-bowl.

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