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Fortuna Chocolate

Sourced directly from individual growers in Mexico and hand-roasted in Boulder, Colorado, this single estate cacao is fermented and dried by each grower ensuring sophisticated flavor profiles and building upon thousands of years of traditional techniques. Fortuna Chocolate collaborates with Mayan growers at two single estates in a region of southwestern Mexico known as Xoconusco - an area that is highly prized among chefs the world over. Each estate uses different shade trees resulting in a unique combination of wild yeasts in the air during the fermentation process, adding complexity to every harvest. 

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70% Guatemala Chocolate

Organically grown in Lachua Microlot in a partnership with Cacao Verapaz, a company lauded for sourcing the best fermented and dried cacao from the lush tropical hills of Guatemala, this bar will make you rethink what chocolate should taste like. Processed in micro batches at the Dulcinea kitchen reinforces the special attention and flavor associated with this special ingredient.

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Short Rib Spiedino

Chef Kelly Whitaker has put a twist on the Italian spiedino. Literally translated to "skewer", Chef Whitaker takes perfectly sous vide short rib meat and cooks them on a skewer in his wood fired oven at Basta in Boulder, Co. While cooking the meat, Whitaker shows you how to craft a sweet and spicy chocolate sauce to drizzle over these flavor-packed skewers. 

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Anna Davies and Robbie Stout

Not satisfied with the chocolate available to them, Anna and Robbie took chocolate making into their own hands. Focused on expressing local terroir of the beans, Anna and Robbie have become "experts in chocolate processing", letting the natural flavors of the cacao shine through rather than creating elaborate recipes or middling with the "science" of chocolate. By adding nothing more than some sugar to most of their creations, they succeed in crafting some of the purest and most flavorful chocolate products we have had the joy of tasting.

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Campfire S'mores Tart

Lush, rich chocolate is infused with Happy Cup Coffee's Buzz Blend forms a mousse atop a crumbly, graham cracker crust with a kick from Jacobsen Salt Co.'s Ghost Chili Salt.  A burnt meringue replaces the traditional marshmallow in Chef Sarah Schafer's Campfire S'mores recipe to create this elevated, nostalgic + decadent dessert treat.  

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