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Posts tagged july 2016
Harissa Rubbed Cauliflower | Mint | Yogurt | Pickled Raisins

Chef Henderson knocked it out of the park with this stunning dish featuring Boat Street Pickles Pickled Raisins. Moroccan inspired, this dish is packed with flavor: spice from the harissa rub on the cauliflower, a sweet and tangy kick from the pickled raisins, and a freshness to cut through it all with fresh mint. But in this case, a picture really does say 1000 words.

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Brady Ryan

"I got into this business because I got hooked on the magic of watching salt appear out of nowhere in brine.  3 years on, watching the first crystals start to form out of a new batch of seawater remains as exciting and mysterious as ever!" Brady Ryan is a farm boy through and through. Growing up on his family farm on the San Juan Islands of the Washington Coast, farm life is in his blood. After moving to the main land to study mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle, Brady worked with Ballard Bee Company, instilling in him the desire to craft his own artisan goods back on his home island.

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