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Posts tagged june 2016
Scott Norton + Mark Ramadan

Busting onto the scene in 2008 as a challenger to the American institution of Heinz Ketchup, Sir Kensington has issued a declaration that condiments are as worthy of being a part of the food revolution as anything else. And revolutionize the condiment industry they have! Paving the way for countless artisans and food entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams, Sir Kensington is a shining example of what following your passion can produce.

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70% Guatemala Chocolate

Organically grown in Lachua Microlot in a partnership with Cacao Verapaz, a company lauded for sourcing the best fermented and dried cacao from the lush tropical hills of Guatemala, this bar will make you rethink what chocolate should taste like. Processed in micro batches at the Dulcinea kitchen reinforces the special attention and flavor associated with this special ingredient.

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