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Posts tagged May 2016
Yellow Eye Beans

The cooked beans are soft and smooth. Mild enough to take on any flavors you use during cooking, even paired with mirepoix from the Farmers' Market is revolutionary. The more you cook with these beans, the more we know you'll love them. Perfect for adding flavor and body to stews (throw in a ham hock!) or making baked beans they can also be used in curries or health-minded wraps with ingredients like roasted chicken, avocado and cilantro pesto.

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Steve Sando

Heirloom beans are a crop that are indigenous to the Americas. Yet, for some reason, they have largely been forgotten. Steve Sando has set out on a mission to change that by growing, harvesting and reviving a full lineup of new world bean varietals. Favorites of Chefs across the country (and us!), Steve is a prime example of what it means to follow you passion.

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