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"Old Red" Salt Blend

The blends are a mix of fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables that are sourced directly from farms around the Central Coast. This region is one of the largest agricultural areas in the United States, which allows Big Sur Salts to source and use the freshest ingredients available. That being said, the Central Coast is one of the only locations on the planet where this can be done to such high quality.

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Amy + John Gaw

Living on the East Coast next to the ocean, Amy was struck one day why she wasn't harvesting her own salt straight from the sea! After a few attempts, Amy and John now harvest their own Atlantic Ocean sea salt to use in everything form baking to cooking and cocktails to bottling and selling. Keep reading to explore the story of these two local creators and their philosophy towards their craft.

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Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt

After years of making his own blends of sea salts with spices and herbs, HEPPS' founder Brian was determined to share his passion with food lovers across the country. This ingredient is one of his original creations. A natural blend between sea salt and locally sourced, fresh cut rosemary, the aroma alone will whisk you away to the Mediterranean! 

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September, 2014 | Chef Jeff Mahin

Join Chef Mahin + The FareTrade on our latest Culinary Adventure as we welcome Fall with a new set of outstanding American-Made products and step-by-step recipe tutorials to take your kitchen craft to the next level.

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