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Grilled Cheese | Virginia's Spicy Plum Chutney

Grilled cheese is one of our band of Culinary Adventurers all-time favorite comfort foods. So when Chef Phillip Perrow crafted this masterpiece utilizing Virginia Chutney's award-winning artisan ingredient Spicy Plum Chutney - we were blown away! With a cheese-butter spread on the outside AND cheese on the inside - this is a sando we will be making time and time again this fall.

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Pepper Carrot Chicken Wings | Herb Lime Salad

Chicken wings. An All-American classic. Chef Caleb Shriver elevates this sports-view staple with A&B American Style Pepper Sauce, with some crisped up carrots and a refreshing herb salad. Grill these up this Sunday for the big game - whoever your team may be!

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Kousa | Sorghum | Taste of Bordeaux

Kousa is a Lebanese classic in the dolma family of cuisine - which are a collection of stuffed vegetables dishes common to the Middle East. Chef Caleb Shriver uses this preparation to highlight two of his favorite American-made artisan ingredients, Gustus Vitae's Taste of Bordeaux and Wondergrain's Pearled Sorghum. 

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Harissa Rubbed Cauliflower | Mint | Yogurt | Pickled Raisins

Chef Henderson knocked it out of the park with this stunning dish featuring Boat Street Pickles Pickled Raisins. Moroccan inspired, this dish is packed with flavor: spice from the harissa rub on the cauliflower, a sweet and tangy kick from the pickled raisins, and a freshness to cut through it all with fresh mint. But in this case, a picture really does say 1000 words.

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