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Guanciale | Baguette | Peach Mostarda | Fennel

Guanciale | Baguette | Peach Mostarda | Fennel

If you're sandwich fiends like our band of Culinary Adventurers are - you will adore this sando from Chef Jennifer Jasinski. Ever since we had it, we've been pining to get it again!


4 Fresh French Baguettes

1 Jar, OO Mommie Peach Mostarda

3 Ounces, Guanciale-Shaved Paper Thin 

4 Ounces, Haystack Farms Chèvre - or your favorite brand if you don’t live inColorado

2 Ounces, Arugula

1 Head, Fennel

2 Tablespoon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Juice of 1 Lemon

Salt & fresh Black Pepper



Shave the fennel very thin on a mandolin after removing the core but keeping the whole head intact.

Mix arugula with the shaved fennel in a mixing bowl and dress with the extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. 

Cut baguettes in half lengthwise, and toast in a warm oven.

When the bread is warm and toasty, spread a tablespoon of peach mostarda on each side of the baguette. Next crumble 1 ounce of goat cheese on the bottom of each side of  bread, then top with the salad mix and shaved gauncale. Make sure to the shingle the guanciale across the sandwich so it eats well.