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Orange-Ginger Ice Cream Float

Orange Zest Ice Cream | Spicy Ginger Syrup | Whiskey

Now we're talking! As the heat index continues to rise, Chef Jasinski swoops in to save the day with this cool, refreshing and boozy Orange-Ginger Ice Cream Float. Because what more could you ask for on a hot summer day?


1 Quart, Dry Ice-OrangeIice Cream

1 Bottle, Picketts Ginger Concentrate

1 Quart, Soda Water

2 Ounces, Bourbon (Chef Jasinski prefers Old Forester)


Orange Candy for Ice Cream

¼  Cup, Brunoise Orange Peel, Pith Removed (2 oranges depending on size)

2 Tablespoons, Brown Sugar

¼  Cup, White Sugar 

Juice of 2 Oranges (Approximately 2 ounces)

1 Ounce, Grand Marnier


Ice Cream Base

2 Cups, Heavy Cream

2 Cups, Whole Milk

1 Cup, Sugar

15 Egg Yolks

Zest of 2 oranges 



For Orange Candy

Place the orange zest brunoise, both sugar and juice in a small saucepan. Cook slowly and allow the orange to gently caramelize in the syrup. Add the Grand Marnier and reduce to sticky but not hard. Remove from heat but keep warm so that it doesn’t set-up before it is added to the ice cream. 

For Ice Cream Base

In a large pot bring milk, cream and half of the sugar to a boil, whisk together the yolks and remaining sugar.  Whisk into the milk mixture and stir constantly with wooden spoon until it is nappé. Strain immediately into an ice bath, stir in the orange zest and cool.  

Place ice cream base into large stand mixer with whisk attachment and pour powdered dry ice* over the base with the mixer speed on low. Gradually add more dry ice and increase the speed to medium-high until the ice cream is still somewhat soft but very very cold and thick. Add the candied orange mixture and combine. Transfer out into deli containers and freeze to cure. Temper gently before attempting to serve. 

*To powder the dry ice, hit it with a hammer and then sieve the pieces.


Use a nice clear glass

Place two scoops of caramelized orange ice cream in each glass. Pour ½ oz. Old Forester Bourbon per glass. Mix the Pickets Ginger Beer Concentrate 4 to 1, as opposed to bottle recommendation of 5 to 1. 4 parts soda and 1 part concentrate. Then pour 4 oz. of mix in each glass and serve with a long spoon