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Strawberry Mango Passionfruit Jam

In business since 2002, We Love Jam began by focusing on one varietal - Blenheim Apricot. After a mention in Food & Wine proclaiming their jam the best they ever tasted and with more requests than their single tree could accommodate, they began looking for an orchard to increase production. Shortly after, the team began selling other products that they had made for years that friends and family were equally crazy about.

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Amy Hoyt | OO Mommie

The creators of OO MOMMIE were inspired by a passion for canning that started at their bakery 20 years ago. Long before it was popular, the chefs were adamant about using only the best possible ingredients in their jams and relishes - a practice that continues today! Sourcing only the best, garden-fresh ingredients for all of their delicious condiments, OO MOMMIE buys in-season and locally-grown produce for all of their seasonal small batch offerings. Cooking low and slow they concentrate the flavors that result in addictive condiments that brighten up food and excite the palate. 

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Ayako Gordon

A product born from a rich foundation of sharing food with community, Ayako & Family aims to brighten your pantry with a small jar of love. A Tokyo native and now long-time Seattle resident, Ayako cherishes the time spent around the dinner table. In the summer of 2010, she founded her company, partnering with Japanese organic farmer Katsumi Taki to bring the rarest of European and Asiatic plum varieties to the pantries of preserves lovers around the globe. Hand selecting her fruit in small batches, the nuances of each flavor become clear, changing the perception of the plum and leading inspiring food sharing of your own.

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Rachel Saunders

Establishing herself as a powerhouse in the jam and canning world, Rachel + Blue Chair Fruit has won numerous accolades for her jams + marmalades. From a passionate side project to a growing business with 5+ employees, a cookbook and a burgeoning product offering, Rachel has turned BCF into the go-to resource for all things jam + marmalade!

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Fontina | Sourdough | Strawberry Rose Geranium Jam

Chef Bruce Kalman elevates the classic grilled cheese sandwich by incorporating SQIRL's Seascape Strawberry + Rose Geranium Jam from his June basket.  Coupled with both fontina and parmigiano-reggiano cheeses + a fresh arugula salad, this grilled cheese is sure to both impress and satisfy.  Chef Kalman teaches you his favorite tricks for taking his grilled cheese to the next level.  Preview his recipe tutorial above and follow along with the recipe below!

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