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Earthy Spicy Tingly Finishing Sauce

One Culture Foods | Earthy Spicy Tingly Sauce

One Culture Foods

Crafted By: Hansen Shieh

New York, NY

This natural cooking sauce highlights cumin + Sichuan peppercorn, fermented soybeans and garlic. Delivering a Central Asian/Silk Road-inspired flavor profile, this sauce is rich and intense. GMO-free, it is NOT made with anything artificial, not tasty and that you can't pronounce.

Bring nuanced flavor to your kitchen by utilizing this condiment when basting lamb and beef skewers; topping rice noodles for a play on Pad Thai; or even in a winter favorite, chicken and dumplings by adding the stock. No matter how you use it, your taste buds will thank you!

About One Culture Foods

One Culture Foods is dedicated to celebrating the universal language of flavor. Delivering nuanced, restaurant-quality flavors into the kitchens of food lovers as conveniently as possible, the company aims to give cooks the tools to create exciting flavors from home. Created as a way to share a passion for bold, spicy in-your-face flavors and broaden the exposure of global ingredients, One Culture Foods are versatile and easy to use.

Discover One Culture Food's Earthy Spicy Tingly In The Box From Chef Leah Cohen