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Grilled Cheese | Virginia's Spicy Plum Chutney

Grilled cheese is one of our band of Culinary Adventurers all-time favorite comfort foods. So when Chef Phillip Perrow crafted this masterpiece utilizing Virginia Chutney's award-winning artisan ingredient Spicy Plum Chutney - we were blown away! With a cheese-butter spread on the outside AND cheese on the inside - this is a sando we will be making time and time again this fall.

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Taste of Bordeaux

A savory blend of bright, fresh, and warm flavors marked by herbs that include chives, dill, basil, chervil and tarragon - this seasoning will be one of the most used pantry staples you'll discover thanks to it's versatile nature. Handcrafted in small batches with locally sourced herbs and spices this blend is non-GMO certified and all natural - it's the epitome of eating and feeling good!

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Granola | Hickory Syrup | Seeds + Nuts

Who says syrup can't be used in a healthy way? Chef Brittanny Anderson takes advantage of the hickory flavor of Falling Bark Farms' Hickory Syrup as a natural sweetener for her home-made granola. Master the recipe at home and follow along as Chef Anderson teaches the recipe to you step-by-step with her recipe video tutorial.

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Austin Green

I had developed a Bloody Mary Mix that chefs, bartenders, and friends all thought was fantastic. At the very beginning, we just canned our mix in Ball jars, the old fashioned way out of my kitchen. These jars were the first samples that made their way to Richmond food and beverage community for peer review. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We all dreamed of working for ourselves and providing a product people loved. We saw an opportunity to realize that dream and dove in head first.

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