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Volcano Mussels | Dried Apricots | Hominy | Cilantro


Mussles, Gingery Broth, Crunch Bread. 'nough said.


For The Dish:
1 Pound,Mussels, Cleaned + De-Bearded
4 Oz., Unsalted Butter
1 Teaspoon, Blended Oil
1 Garlic Glove + 1 Shallot, Brunoise
1 Oz., Chives, Chopped
2 Oz.,  Dried Apricots, Chopped
1 Can, Beer (Chef Suggests a White or Red Ale)
1/2 Cup, Hominy
1 Oz., Cilantro, Chopped
1 1/2 Tablespoons, Ominvore Volcano Ginger Sauce
1 Loaf, Sourdough Bread
Kosher Salt, To Taste


For The Dish:

  1. In a small sauce pan, add your apricots and 1/2 of the beer and bring to a boil, letting it simmer until the apricots soak up the beer. Set aside.
  2. Place a saute pan onto the stove at high heat. Add the mussles and a pinch of salt, moving them around a bit. Once you see them slightly start to pop open add the garlic and saute for 30 seconds.
  3. Delglaze the pan with beer and simmer for about 45 seconds or until you see the beer start to boil.
  4. Add the shallots, apricots, hominy, Omnivore Ginger Volcano Sauce and butter. At this point keep moving your mussels so all of the ingredients can coat each mussel and the butter starts to emulsify into the sauce, making it thick and velvety.
  5. Taste your sauce for seasoning and add more salt if needed. Toss in the chefs and then pour your mussels into a bowl to serve once the last mussel has opened. Sprinkle the chopped cilantor on top and serve with the sourdough loaf. 

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