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Tamalpais “Pai” Roth-McCormick

Raised on an organic farm in the Pacific Northwest where the long growing season, the gardens and beautiful setting act as her inspiration, Pai has been producing her selection of amazing provisions since 2010. A classically trained chef who has worked under many of San Francisco's finest chefs including Traci Des Jardin and Douglas Keane, McCormick challenged herself to leave the restaurant world behind and create something personal, where the secret to living well is to sprinkle love into everything.

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Brady Ryan

"I got into this business because I got hooked on the magic of watching salt appear out of nowhere in brine.  3 years on, watching the first crystals start to form out of a new batch of seawater remains as exciting and mysterious as ever!" Brady Ryan is a farm boy through and through. Growing up on his family farm on the San Juan Islands of the Washington Coast, farm life is in his blood. After moving to the main land to study mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle, Brady worked with Ballard Bee Company, instilling in him the desire to craft his own artisan goods back on his home island.

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Coldwater Canyon Provisions

With his old-school approach to canning, Rondo Mieczkowski is keeping his grandmothers recipes alive and flavorful through Coldwater Canyon Provisions.  With a focus on seasonal California produce, Mieczkowski plays each of his over 50 products straight, highlighting the main ingredient in each can. "This is California produce...they're really pretty great on their own", says Mieczkowski.

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Steve Gonzalez + Scott Ketchum

Marrying their backgrounds of design and culinary, Scott Ketchum + Steve Gonzalez have teamed up to bring superior pastas to the restaurants of New York City. With a focus on using only the finest flours produced in America + extruded through bronze dies, Sfoglini produces a staple batch of pastas, intermixed with seasonal offerings - according to what is currently in season.

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Katy Chang

Meet Katy Chang. Part chef, artisan + short-film producer, Katy is helping to both promote globally local food and cuisine within the Washington D.C. area and producing it herself. At Eat's Place, her food incubator and "pop-uppery", Katy hosts chefs from around the globe who take over the kitchen for a one to two month pop-up! Over at Baba's Cooking School, Katy crafts her artisan products, cooks and shares short films she produces about the food she loves (in both English + Mandarin!). 

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