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Beth Conrey

At Bee Squared, Beth produces honey from bees that have not been chemically treated. Locally produced honey is better for you and for your environment. Sourced from three Northern Colorado counties - Boulder, Larimer and Weld - a variety of sizes and types ensures that there is a honey for every occasion. Dedicated to sustainable beekeeping, the company helps give back to their community by inviting food lovers to join them and learn safe practices on harvest tours and honey-making workshops.

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Steve Sando

Heirloom beans are a crop that are indigenous to the Americas. Yet, for some reason, they have largely been forgotten. Steve Sando has set out on a mission to change that by growing, harvesting and reviving a full lineup of new world bean varietals. Favorites of Chefs across the country (and us!), Steve is a prime example of what it means to follow you passion.

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Anna Davies and Robbie Stout

Not satisfied with the chocolate available to them, Anna and Robbie took chocolate making into their own hands. Focused on expressing local terroir of the beans, Anna and Robbie have become "experts in chocolate processing", letting the natural flavors of the cacao shine through rather than creating elaborate recipes or middling with the "science" of chocolate. By adding nothing more than some sugar to most of their creations, they succeed in crafting some of the purest and most flavorful chocolate products we have had the joy of tasting.

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Carmit Levin + Jacob Seidenberg Korn

After relocating to New Mexico and settling into a house behind Hatch Chili roasters, Carmit and Jacob's artisan fate was sealed. Soaking up the perfect, smokey sweetness of the roasting Hatch, they embarked on a Culinary Adventure. Sampling the freshly roasted chilies - from medium to face-meltingly spicy, inspiration struck Jacob and Carmit to craft a product that would both honor the chili from the "Land of Enchantment" and allow them to share its flavor with the world!

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Chef Matthew Accarrino

Matthew Accarrino is the nationally recognized chef of SPQR in San Francisco, CA. Born in the Midwest and raised on the east coast, he moved west to California in 2007. His unique culinary style draws inspiration from his Italian heritage, personal experiences and classical training with some of America’s best chefs. Coupled with the embrace of the bounty of opportunities California ingredients present and a strong belief in direct sourcing, producing, even playing a role in the creation of his own ingredients. The result is an intensely personal cuisine that is both technically polished and soulful; and which has garnered praise from publications such as: Food&WineBon Appetit, Saveur, Wall Street Journal, Food Arts, Plate, New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, 7X7 and SF Magazine

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Smoked Olive Oil

Beyond The Olive starts with certified California extra virgin olive oil from the Capay Valley selecting only mature olives to press resulting in a smooth and buttery oil ideal for smoking. Hand-smoking the oil with a mix of sweet and aromatic woods allow the liquid to develop a rich and earthy smoky flavor  that won't over power your favorite recipes while adding robust and deep notes to them.

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Coldwater Canyon Provisions

With his old-school approach to canning, Rondo Mieczkowski is keeping his grandmothers recipes alive and flavorful through Coldwater Canyon Provisions.  With a focus on seasonal California produce, Mieczkowski plays each of his over 50 products straight, highlighting the main ingredient in each can. "This is California produce...they're really pretty great on their own", says Mieczkowski.

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September's Basket of Artisan Ingredients

Featuring American-Made artisan products from around the country, September 2015's basket will introduce you to flavors you may otherwise never discover. Curated by Chef Steven Fretz + Beverage Director Devon Espinosa of The Church Key in Los Angeles, CA, you will learn how to get the most out of each product through exclusive recipes and step-by-step video tutorials from the chefs themselves. Start your new Culinary Adventure Today! For yourself or the food lover in your life.

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