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Fortuna Chocolate

Fortuna Chocolate

Fortuna Chocolate

Crafted By: Sienna Trapp-Bowie

Boulder, CO

Our band of culinary adventurers love the dedication of the team at Fortuna Chocolate. Organic, single-estate, direct trade Mexican cacao is hand-roasted in their mobile lab, traveling throughout Boulder, CO to share their story with food lovers far and wide. The company is the go-to favorite for chefs in the region and after you break off a piece you'll see why.

Using only two Mayan growers from a region of Mexico known as Xoconusco this chocolate is rich and robust; ideal for both savory and sweet preparations. Try adding a chunk to beef stew to add depth; top charred cauliflower and shishito peppers with a chocolate-laden picata sauce; or stick to a classic and make superb fudgy brownies.

About Fortuna Chocolate

Sourced directly from individual growers in Mexico and hand-roasted in Boulder, Colorado, this single estate cacao is fermented and dried by each grower ensuring sophisticated flavor profiles and building upon thousands of years of traditional techniques. Fortuna Chocolate collaborates with Mayan growers at two single estates in a region of southwestern Mexico known as Xoconusco - an area that is highly prized among chefs the world over. Each estate uses different shade trees resulting in a unique combination of wild yeasts in the air during the fermentation process, adding complexity to every harvest. 

Discover Fortuna Chocolate In The Box From Chef Alex Seidel