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Posts tagged november 2015
Smoked Olive Oil

Beyond The Olive starts with certified California extra virgin olive oil from the Capay Valley selecting only mature olives to press resulting in a smooth and buttery oil ideal for smoking. Hand-smoking the oil with a mix of sweet and aromatic woods allow the liquid to develop a rich and earthy smoky flavor  that won't over power your favorite recipes while adding robust and deep notes to them.

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Garbanzo Beans

While garbanzos aren't a true "new world" bean, the Rancho Gordo team loved them so much that they decided to introduce them as a new crop in California. One of the oldest cultivated vegetables with 7,500 year-old remains found in the middle east these heirloom beans provide a good source of protein that can be enjoyed year-round. 

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Coconut Peanut Butter

Those who love the health properties of coconut oil and reminisce about the childhood adoration of peanut butter are in for a treat! Made with only organic roasted unsalted peanuts, unsweetened coconut, peanut oil, all-natural coconut extract and salt this spread makes for a mouth-watering treat that can add a boost of flavor to sweet and savory dishes alike.

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Thanksgiving With The FareTrade

Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to food + cooking. Why does it only come along once a year? As a time-honored, American tradition, the food we serve on Thanksgiving should both honor the past while benefiting from the flavors of the present. Here at The FareTrade, we're helping you do just that! Utilizing all American-Made artisan ingredients curated by Chef Nyesha Arrington, we've added a twist to the classics: turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce + stuffing. Plus a couple of our favorite sides!

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Smokey Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving cannot exist without mashed potatoes. Whether you prefer them lumpy or smooth, skinned or skin-on, mashed potatoes are the perfect receptacle for gravy, a flavor conduit for your leftover sandwich on Friday, mashed potatoes are key to a successful Thanksgiving meal. Add in a touch of Beyond the Olive's Smoked Olive Oil and bring this years potatoes to the next level.

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Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Whatever you do, do not make cranberry sauce from the can. Nobody wants that. Trust us. 

Now that we're past that, make a cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving that will your guests will be fighting over. Extremely simple to make, thanks to the brine from Coldwater Canyon Provsions Pickled Watermelon Rind, this cranberry sauce is packed with the perfect holiday flavor.

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Coldwater Canyon Provisions

With his old-school approach to canning, Rondo Mieczkowski is keeping his grandmothers recipes alive and flavorful through Coldwater Canyon Provisions.  With a focus on seasonal California produce, Mieczkowski plays each of his over 50 products straight, highlighting the main ingredient in each can. "This is California produce...they're really pretty great on their own", says Mieczkowski.

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