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70% Guatemala Chocolate

Dulcinea Craft Chocolate

Dulcinea Craft Chocolate

Crafted By: Laurie Rice

Pittsburgh, PA

Organically grown in Lachua Microlot in a partnership with Cacao Verapaz, a company lauded for sourcing the best fermented and dried cacao from the lush tropical hills of Guatemala, this bar will make you rethink what chocolate should taste like. Processed in micro batches at the Dulcinea kitchen reinforces the special attention and flavor associated with this special ingredient.

With rich, deep notes of red and brown fruit and an airy citrus undertone, this chocolate bar is ideal for summer time use. Perfect for an ice cream base (save some of the bar to crumble on top!); or in a flourless cake with a drizzle of olive oil atop we're loving the way it creates treats that are somehow both earthy and floral in the same bite. It's the kind of chocolate you'll dream about.

About Dulcinea Craft Chocolate

Dulcinea Craft Chocolate is made with direct trade cacao beans and vegan, non GMO sugar. All of the brand's ingredients are organic, sustaiably and ethically farmed. Sourcing ingredients like thse are good for the environment, farmers, customers and our planet too. A micro-batch company, Dulcinea Craft Chocolate is committed to crafting socially-responsible chocolate, made by hand, with love.

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