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Short Rib Spiedino

Chef Kelly Whitaker has put a twist on the Italian spiedino. Literally translated to "skewer", Chef Whitaker takes perfectly sous vide short rib meat and cooks them on a skewer in his wood fired oven at Basta in Boulder, Co. While cooking the meat, Whitaker shows you how to craft a sweet and spicy chocolate sauce to drizzle over these flavor-packed skewers. 

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Anna Davies and Robbie Stout

Not satisfied with the chocolate available to them, Anna and Robbie took chocolate making into their own hands. Focused on expressing local terroir of the beans, Anna and Robbie have become "experts in chocolate processing", letting the natural flavors of the cacao shine through rather than creating elaborate recipes or middling with the "science" of chocolate. By adding nothing more than some sugar to most of their creations, they succeed in crafting some of the purest and most flavorful chocolate products we have had the joy of tasting.

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