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Short Rib Spiedino

Short Rib Spiedino | Ritual Chocolate | Kelly Whitaker

Chef Kelly Whitaker has put a twist on the Italian spiedino. Literally translated to "skewer", Chef Whitaker takes perfectly sous vide short rib meat and cooks them on a skewer in his wood fired oven at Basta in Boulder, Co. While cooking the meat, Whitaker shows you how to craft a sweet and spicy chocolate sauce with Ritual Chocolate to drizzle over these flavor-packed skewers. 

Short Rib Spiedino | Chocoate | Espelette


For The Rub

1 Cup,  Fine Ground Coffee or Espresso

2 Tablespoons, Espolette or Cayenne

2 Teaspoon, Brown Sugar

Salt to Taste


For The Sauce

1/2 Bar, Ritual Chocolate Mid-Mountain Blend

1/3 Cup, Ground  Espresso

2 Tablespoons, Butter

1 Tablespoon, Brown Sugar



  1. Take your favorite cut of meat and place on skewer.  Rub down the meat with your espresso rub and sear on grill or hot skillet.
  2. Over a double broiler or low heat warm the chocolate, butter, and sugar.  Add the espresso until the sauce comes together.
  3. Grill your steak to your desired temperature.
  4. Drizzle the chocolate over the steak and serve.

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