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Maya Drinking Chocolate

Gearharts | Maya Drinking Chocolate

Gearharts Chocolate

Maya Drinking Chocolate

Crafted By: Tim Gearhart

Richmond, VA

A signature item of Gearhart's, their Maya Drinking Chocolate is a decadent mix accented with Venezuelan Cocoa, Ancho Chile, Cinnamon, and Orange. The result is a bright, floral blend that is great throughout the year and in a multitude of sweet + savory preparations.

While this ingredient is framed as a drinking mix, it's complex and rich flavoring makes it so much more! We love adding it to a frosting mix studded with Candied Orange Peel; whipped into Pancake batter and garnished with bruleed blood orange segments; and even added to Mole for a quick flavor boost.

About Gearharts

Tim began his journey to chocolatier by wandering the world through its kitchens. Inspired by his travels and eager to craft chocolates that reflected them, he returned home to Virginia to set up shop. Tim alongside fellow chef, Bill Hamilton, launched the company in 2001. Armed with only two forks and a bowl, he had dipped about 700 pieces of chocolate a day during that first holiday season. While their production methods have changed, their handcrafted nature has remained. Fusing a signature blend of the world's finest chocolate with local sweet cream and pure butter, Gearharts continues their dedication to producing some of the nation's best chocolate.

Find Gearharts Maya Drinking Chocolate in The Box from Chef Jason Alley