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Chocolate Mousse | Meringue | Toasted Almonds

Take your baking skills to the next level with Chef Park! With his step-by-step video tutorial, Chef will teach you how to master a lush, creamy mousse + a perfectly fluffy meringue.


For The Chocolate Mousse

4.5oz., Theo's 70% Chocolate, Rough Chopped

1oz., Unsalted Butter, Diced

2 Tablespoons, Amaretto Liquor1

1 Cup, Heavy Whipping Cream, Chilled

2 Organic Eggs, Yolk + Whites Separated

1 Tablespoon, Sugar


For The Meringue

1 Cup, Superfine Sugar

2 Tablespoons, Water

5 Egg Whites, Room Temperature

1/4 Teaspoon, Cream Of Tartar

1 Cup, Toasted Almonds, Chopped



For The Mousse

1. Melt the butter, chocolate and amaretto liquor over a double boiler until the chocolate has completely melted

2. Add the egg yolks to the mixture and fold lightly to incorporate

3. Whip the heavy cream until starts to form light peaks and place in refridgerator until needed

4. In the bowl of an electric mixer add the egg whites and sugar and whip until soft peaks begin to form

5. Fold in chocolate mixture and whipped cream with the egg white mixture

6. Keep in refridgerator until plating


For The Meringue

1. In a small pot over low heat, add the sugar and water

2. Heat the mixture until it reaches 235-240F

3. In the bowl of an electric mixer whip the egg whites until they reach a foamy consistency. Add the cream of tartar

4. Increase speedd until light peaks begin to form

5. While the mixer runs, slowly add the sugar mixture in a steady stream, mixing until the egg whitesa are stiff and glossy

6. Refriderate until plating



1. Place chocolate mousse in desired serving vessel and top with meringue mixture

2. Use a torch to brulee the meringue until browned, about 2-3 seconds

3. Garnish with toasted almonds