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One Night Stand Potion

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

One Night Stand Potion

Craftsman: Chef Katherine Clapner + Redding May

Dallas, TX

Dude, Sweet Chocolate traces its roots to a dive bar just south of downtown Dallas, Lee Harvey's, where the creators were regulars. As holidays quickly approached, the duo worked together to send unique artisan chocolates as client gifts while working with Merrill Lynch. After that fateful season, Katherine ran with the idea - pushing her chocolate creations in summer heat at Farmers' Markets throughout the region. Mid-year 2009 she brought up the idea of opening a store, and the first small kitchen/store was built out and opened later that year, with three locations currently operating.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate strives to differentiate their company by maintaining an intense focus on the quality of the culinary product itself, and not getting lost in the rest of the product design process. They also profile a spectrum of unique flavors - savory to sweet - and everything in between. These are the byproducts of incredible culinary experience and vision - and somehow, Katherine makes it look easy.

Using 100 Anos Tequila (the national tequila of Mexico) One Night Stand Potion is a loose take on a Mexican Coffee. Using agave, mixed origin South American chocolate + Valrohna cocoa powder, this sauce is rich, sweet + intensely satisfying.  All while remaining shelf-stable and dairy free.

Never meant to be refrigerated and happiest spread atop desserts or shaken into a cocktail, One Night Stand Potion perfectly complements sorbet (tropical fruits like pineapple in particular), ice creams and with whipped creams. Drizzle it on brownies, seasonal fruits, or use in lieu of traditional chocolate for a grown-up S'mores you won't soon forget.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate's One Night Stand Potion is featured in The FareTrade's January Basket, curated by Chef Fabian Gallardo.