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Richard Lassalle

Richard Lassalle | EnTube

Growing up in Provence, Richard was immersed in food culture from a young age. With a firm belief that "you are what you eat", he ensures that all the products from Entube are natural, paleo, kosher, non-GMO and lack perservatives, additivives or colorants while remaining creating a flavor bomb in each tube.

What Inspired You To Start Your Company?

The love of amazing flavor and good design.


Tell us about your products.

Our products are all natural, vegan, paleo and Kosher, Non-GMO with zero additives, preservatives of colorants. They are packed with Turmeric, Cayenne and other health stimulating ingredients including Acerola Berry which has 400 times more natural Vitamin C than oranges.


Why do you believe in small-batch products?

In creating a small batch label we are better able to control the quality of the ingredients and the flavor profiles. Mass produced products tend to get generic due to the logistics of producing such large quantities. 


What makes your product better than the their mass produced counterparts? 

With a philosophy that “you are what you eat” we believe that we have created products that give the consumer an all round sense of well being, whilst at the same time stimulating the senses with beautiful natural colors that bring joy to one’s every day life in the kitchen. Essentially it’s the love and human touch that goes into the products that shines through on the taste and flavors.


What is your favorite small-batch treat?

I love trying great quality products on their own or with a simple piece of really excellent toasted bread, whether it be an excellent cheese, jam or sauce.


What Drew You To Food?

Food is essential to life, more than just feeding the body great food feeds the soul, stimulates the mind and inspires creativity in the individual resulting in healthy lifestyle. Good food is a magnet for ones all round sense of well being.


Where Does Your Food Inspiration Come From?

Growing up in the Provence, I was surrounded by fresh healthy food from my parent’s garden to the local farmers markets. Every day was spent discussing and designing the food that we ate, the ritual of this experience greatly enriched my life and created something amazing that could be shared with friends and family.


What Products Are You Working On Now?

I’m working on a rich concentrated Mole Negro, and several other flavors such as Gochujang and Zatar drawn/inspired from ethnic flavors around the world.


Do You Have a Favorite Product?

I get inspired whenever I taste a product made by people passionate about what they do!


Latest Ingredient Obsession?

Urfa Biber and Umeboshi.


What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

Chicken curry made with Entube, heirloom tomato salad from the Farmers market, with some fabulous toasted Roan Mills Red Fief bread.


What Person, Living Or Dead, Would You Most Like To Have Try Your Product?

My grandmother.


What’s The Best Piece Of Advice You’ve Gotten In Building Your Business? What Advice Would You Give Other artisans?

Follow your heart and work twice as hard as you’ve ever worked in your life. Make your business your religion, live and breath it.


What Other Local Food Artisans or Chefs Do You Admire?

Candice from Stagg Jam Marmalade, Carly from SmakDab Mustard, Lauryn from Mother in Law’s Kim Chi, all three of these lovely people are really passionate about what they do and the products they make are fabulous because of it. 


If You Had To Choose Your Last Meal, What Would It Be?

On the markets in Provence there’s a vendor who makes what is called a Jésu which is a cured pork, it’s hands down the best Umami experience in the world.


Favorite Restaurant or Food Experience? 

There used to be a Japanese restaurant on Melrose in West Hollywood called Nishimura, the chef there was Hero. He was and still is one of the best food artists I’ve ever met, the freshness, flavor and quality of his work is transcendent.


What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside of the Kitchen?

Working in the garden, drawing and painting with my children, traveling and tasting exotic foods around the world.


What’s Your Favorite Kitchen Soundtrack?