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Posts tagged july 2015
Roast Lamb Saddle | Hatchup

We always enjoy experiencing new cuts of meat - and lamb saddle was a first for us.  One of our favorite proteins with its unique flavor, this cut of lamb is surrounded by delicious fat that renders nicely during the cooking process. Taking a cue from our July basket, we combined it with Hatchup's medium spice and Adobe Milling Co.'s Anasazi Beans.

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Salmon Tartare | Pickled Stone Fruit | Chilies | Toast

With stone fruit in peak season, Chef Greg Daniels utilizes Sparrow Lane Vinegar's California Peach Vinegar to pickle fresh stone fruit + combines it with salmon. With a little chili for some heat and charred ramp aioli for some added layer of flavor, this dish is a perfect way to show off to your friends this summer! 

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