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Smoked Olive Oil

Beyond The Olive | Smoked Olive Oil

Beyond The Olive

Smoked Olive Oil

Crafted By: Chip + Crystal Reibel

Pasadena, CA

Beyond The Olive starts with certified California extra virgin olive oil from the Capay Valley selecting only mature olives to press resulting in a smooth and buttery oil ideal for smoking. Hand-smoking the oil with a mix of sweet and aromatic woods allow the liquid to develop a rich and earthy smoky flavor  that won't over power your favorite recipes while adding robust and deep notes to them.

Irresistible on a charred steak or with simple toasted bread and washed-rind cheese this olive oil is ideal for the winter months. We often find ourselves pairing it with roasted artichokes in a garlic aioli; drizzled over shrimp, shellfish, and seafood; paired with griddled mushrooms and eggplant; or in dressings and marinades that need a jolt of flavor. 


About Beyond The Olive

As one of the pioneers of the olive oil and vinegar tasting bar in Southern California, Beyond the Olive has stood the test of time. The mission of Beyond the Olive is to provide customers with the knowledge to accurately assess the quality of extra virgin olive oil and provide them with access to the greatest extra virgin olive oil that California has to offer. The team accomplish this by providing education on the production, varieties and attributes of extra virgin olive oils and allowing consumers to taste the subtleties in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.  

Beyond The Olive's Smoked Olive Oil Is Available in The Box from Chef Nyesha Arrington