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California Peach Vinegar

Sparrow Lane | California Peach Vinegar

California Peach Vinegar

Sparrow Lane

Crafted By: Jesse Layman

Ceres, CA

Light rose in color, crisp and clean with the flavor of sweet tree ripened peaches, this quality vinegar from Sparrow Lane has no added colors, or other unnatural additives often found in mass produced vinegars. Being so well balanced, it brings out the true natural flavors in a wide variety of dishes. 

Delicious in a salad with grilled stone fruit and burrata or marscapone cheese, in marinades for pork and poultry, or in an herbed vinaigrette - the bright and poppy flavor of the vinegar is off-set by the sweetness of the peaches, making it a great sweet-and-sour option ideal for being enjoyed outside.

About Sparrow Lane

Sparrow Lane uses an ancient method of hand-crafting and aging their vinegars in oak barrels using the traditional Orleans method to ensure each batch is flavor-packed and vibrant.  Since the 1990's the line of quality-crafted vinegars has been utilized by professional chefs and food fans alike striving for the perfect combination of unique flavors and locally-sourced production - something Sparrow Lane is built upon. Using the bounty of wine from the Napa and Sonoma regions, Sparrow Lane features fruits grown only in california and recently expanded their product line to include olive oils that perfectly complement thier vinegars.

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