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September's Basket of Artisan Ingredients

September's Basket | American Made Artisan Ingredients

Featuring American-Made artisan products from around the country, September 2015's basket will introduce you to flavors you may otherwise never discover. Curated by Chef Steven Fretz + Beverage Director Devon Espinosa of The Church Key in Los Angeles, CA, you will learn how to get the most out of each product through exclusive recipes and step-by-step video tutorials from the chefs themselves. Start your new Culinary Adventure Today! For yourself or the food lover in your life.

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The Goods

The Poor Porker | Campfire Coffee

Campfire Coffee

The Poor Porker

Crafted By: Robyn + Jarrid

Lakeland, FL

Poor Porkers Campfire Coffee captures the beauty of a a cracking fire in the woods. A careful blend of fair trade organic coffee with hickory smoked chicory results in the perfect blend of smoky, toasty flavors that balance the delicate notes of this specially-roasted coffee. Campfire Coffee recalls the scents and sounds of the forest. 

Delicate scents of smoke and rich earth balance notes of roasted chestnuts and bittersweet chocolate and pairs well with game, vanilla, and caramel. We love using Campfire Coffee to enrich a Cake batter or French Toast; in a rub with Aleppo Pepper or Vindaloo; and of course served up in our daily Cortado.

Seabold Ginger Beer

Seabold Ginger Beer

Crafted By: Pat + Jon Mathisen

Culver City, CA

Named after the neighborhood where the Mathisen brothers grew up  in on Bainbridge Island, WA, the flavor of Seabold Ginger Beer is strong and stormy. Made will all fresh, GMO-and-fertiziler free and organic ginger, lemon, cane sugar and a variety of spices, each batch of Seabold is brewed to taste in small batches.

With its robust flavor profile Seabold Ginger Beer is the ideal ingredient to enhance dishes both sweet and savory. Perfect in a Dark & Stormy, Margarita, or Moscow Mule we also love using the liquid in a marinade for Jerk Chicken, braised Pork Shoulder, or even a beer batter for Fish & Chips.

Alter Eco | Rainbow Quinoa

Rainbow Quinoa

Alter Eco

Crafted By: Edouard + Mathieu

San Francisco, CA

13,000 feet up on the arid, desolate Salar De Uyuni salt flat of Bolivia, traditional Quechua and Aymara farmers tend to fields of highly coveted “quinoa real,” or royal quinoa, an ancient variety grown only in this very spot. Alter Eco's Royal Rainbow Quinoa adds color, crunch and all essential nutritional needs.

This complete protein has a fluffy texture and nutty flavor which complements meals and snacks throughout the day. We love adding to Pancakes and topped with macerated seasonal fruit for breakfast; toasted and added to a raw asparagus and pecorino salad for lunch; mixed into mango guacamole for a quick snack; or used in lieu of rice in a paella or risotto for dinner.

The Flavor by Stephanie Izard | The Chee

The Chee

The Flavor by Stephanie Izard

Crafted By: Stephanie Izard

Chicago, IL

This marinade will fast become your new go-to condiment - it's jam-packed with complex flavor, a little kick, and a pronounced sweetness that makes it versatile for a range of dishes. Made with a hot pepper bean paste, fish sauce, brown sugar, ginger and garlic puree, chili flakes and malt vinegar The Chee is Asian-inspired but the perfect addition to dishes across the globe.

We find ourselves constantly using The Chee in a marinade for Hot Wings or Pork Ribs; added to veggies like ramps and cabbage for a quick Kimchee; to enrich salad dressings and slaw with a little kick; atop Rice and Eggs for the perfect boost; or in braising liquids for everything from Beef Cheeks to Collard Greens.

Blue Chair Fruit | Ranpur Marmalade with Zucchini

Rangpur Marmalade

Blue Chair Fruit Co.

Crafted By: Rachel Saunders

Oakland, CA

Blue Chair Fruit Co is known for their unique flavor profiles and this one is no other. Rare Rangpur Limes are interspersed with thin emerald Zucchini ribbons resulting in a zest, refreshing marmalade that recalls the departure of summer and start of fall with its bouncy, bright flavor. 

We find ourselves using the Marmalade atop a savory Black Pepper Scone; paired with Chevre and other goat's cheeses; in a gastrique perfect for Pork Chops or Tandoori Chicken; or folded lightly into Whipped Cream for a Key Lime Tart.

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