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Carmit Levin + Jacob Seidenberg Korn

After relocating to New Mexico and settling into a house behind Hatch Chili roasters, Carmit and Jacob's artisan fate was sealed. Soaking up the perfect, smokey sweetness of the roasting Hatch, they embarked on a Culinary Adventure. Sampling the freshly roasted chilies - from medium to face-meltingly spicy, inspiration struck Jacob and Carmit to craft a product that would both honor the chili from the "Land of Enchantment" and allow them to share its flavor with the world!

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Hatch Chile Pesto

Founder Nancy baked her first cake at nine years old, nearly setting her childhood house aflame. While her mother told her to never cook again, it was already too late: her passion for all things culinary had taken hold and would become a life-long obsession. For years, Nancy's love of cooking mostly benefited her friends and family, until in 2006 she established Gracious Gourmet at the recommendation of a dear friend. 

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