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Jarrid + Robyn

After meeting on Marcell's Quantum Kitchen in Los Angeles, Jarrid + Robyn scoured the city for the perfect Beignets. Unable to find any - they packed up and moved to Florida to start The Poor Porker. With only a Coleman stove and a cast iron dutch oven, they opened a booth at their local farmers market and instantly garnered a following. Pairing their beloved Beignets with their chicory smoked coffee, their following has exploded. Crafty, inventive and passionate, Jarrid + Robyn are the model of what it means to follow your dream.

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September's Basket of Artisan Ingredients

Featuring American-Made artisan products from around the country, September 2015's basket will introduce you to flavors you may otherwise never discover. Curated by Chef Steven Fretz + Beverage Director Devon Espinosa of The Church Key in Los Angeles, CA, you will learn how to get the most out of each product through exclusive recipes and step-by-step video tutorials from the chefs themselves. Start your new Culinary Adventure Today! For yourself or the food lover in your life.

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Chef Steven Fretz + Mixologist Devon Espinosa

We have known Chef Fretz + cocktail master Devon Espinosa for some time. When the opportunity presented itself to work with the two of them to collaborate on a basket, we jumped at the opportunity. With Chef Fretz’s mouthwatering take on global cuisines and Devon’s masterful libations, we are excited to share the flavors of some of our personal favorites with you at home!  

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