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Chicken Liver Mousse | Pickled Shallots | Plum Jam | Herbs

Chicken Liver Mousse | Pickled Shallots | Plum Jam | Herbs

Chef Josh Henderson demystifies Chicken Liver Mousse in this soul satisfying rendition. Thick, crsipy-yet-chewy toast, fresh herbs and a touch of Ayako & Family Damson Plum Jam.


4 Oz, Chicken Liver 

2 Tablespoons, Salt 

2 Tablespoons, Black Pepper 

1 Tablespoon, Pink Salt 

2 Tablespoons, Butter 

2 Shallots, Julienned

2 Ounces, Brandy 

1 Tablespoon, Heavy Cream

1 Bunch Fresh Herbs (i.e. parsley, celery leaves)

1 Tablespoon, Cider Vinegar

1 Small Bunch, Watercress

2 Slices, Country Loaf

2 Tablespoons, Ayako & Family Damson Plum Jam



  1. Season the chicken livers with salt, pepper, and pink salt.  
  2. In a small pan over low heat, brown the butter. 
  3. Turn heat to medium-high and sear the chicken livers. 
  4. Remove livers from pan and sauté shallots. Cook until slightly caramelized and soft. 
  5. Deglaze with brandy. 
  6. Cool mixture and transfer to a food processor. 
  7. Mix until smooth, add cream. Taste and season with additional salt, and vinegar if needed.
  8. Pass through a tami (or fine mesh sieve).
  9. Toss the herbs, radishes and cress with the vinegar and a touch of salt.
  10. Spread on toast and garnish with the plum jam, herbs, radishes and cress.

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