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Pop Jam

Indie Jams Artisan Meredith Lockwood shows you the secrets behind her Pop Jam

Indie Jams

Pop Jam

Crafted By: Meredith Lockwood

Los Angeles, CA

Those breezy, sweet feelings you get when you listen to pop music is the inspiration behind this jam. Organic strawberries married with a chorus of rose water, Italian Prosecco and Tahitian vanilla beans make this spread as addicting as the latest top 40 hit. 

Perfect for sweet preparations throughout the day we love Indie Jams' Pop Jam in the morning on buttermilk scones or folded into homemade whipped cream on waffles and pancakes; for a quick snack it's the ideal addition to granola or yogurt or other on-the-go dishes. At night, its sweet profile elevates our favorite desserts such as panna cotta and its a perfect flavor booster to your favorite recipe for strawberry short cake.


Find Indie Jams Pop Jam in the box from Chef Nyesha Arrington