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Strawberry Mango Passionfruit Jam

We Love Jam | Strawberry Mango Passionfruit

We Love Jam

Crafted By: Eric Haeberli

Santa Clara Valley, CA

We Love Jam has a knack for creating one-of-a-kind flavors and this one, well it's everyone we know's favorite. Luscious strawberries with semi-ripe mango and a dash of passion fruit for good measure. The result is a tropical escape your palate is going to flip over. Low in sugar you can devour the whole jar guilt free!

Live it up and add this jam to your favorite sweet preparations. We're loving adding a dollop to the top of toast already brimming with fresh ricotta cheese; as a thin layer on panna cotta; or in a galette with thinly sliced strawberries for the ultimate rustic tart

About We Love Jam

In business since 2002, We Love Jam began by focusing on one varietal - Blenheim Apricot. After a mention in Food & Wine proclaiming their jam the best they ever tasted and with more requests than their single tree could accommodate, they began looking for an orchard to increase production. Shortly after, the team began selling other products that they had made for years that friends and family were equally crazy about.

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