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Thanksgiving With The FareTrade

Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to food + cooking. Why does it only come along once a year? As a time-honored, American tradition, the food we serve on Thanksgiving should both honor the past while benefiting from the flavors of the present. Here at The FareTrade, we're helping you do just that! Utilizing all American-Made artisan ingredients curated by Chef Nyesha Arrington, we've added a twist to the classics: turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce + stuffing. Plus a couple of our favorite sides!

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Chef Mark Estee - Heritage Restaurant

On August 20th, 2014, The FareTrade joined forces with Chef Mark Estee's Heritage Restaurant in Reno, Nevada, to throw a one-night event of dining and discovery.  Re-introducing the gourmet ingredients from Chef Estee's April basket, diners were introduced to The FareTrade while enjoying specially prepared dishes by the Chef himself.  Check out some of the highlights below!

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Samantha & Jason

As one of Los Angeles’ most prominent DJ couples, Samantha Duenas (aka So Super Sam) and Jason Stewart (aka Them Jeans) not only share an innate love for music but you’ve got it - food. After taking a single glance at either one of their Instagram accounts, you’ll soon realize how deep their appreciation for good eating truly goes - especially when it comes to eggs. We spent an afternoon with the couple talking about some of their favorite dishes while they cooked up an incredible meal with a few of our artisanal ingredients.

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