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Welcome to April's Basket!



The Craveable Life: Volume II  April 2014, Mark Estee This month, The FareTrade team is proud to be collaborating with Chef Mark

Estee - an applauded talent who is known for his whole-hog philosophy at his restaurant, Campo, in Reno, NV. Estee has been awarded accolades including 

Esquire Magazine "Best New Restaurant" and was nominated for a James Beard Award last year. He is passionate about sustaining his local food community and supporting artisans across the country!


EsteePhoto - HQ Dedicated to utilizing every aspect of each ingredient, this month's box features four new and unique artisanal goods hand-selected by Chef Estee and presented in classic-made-modern recipes inspired by his culinary identity sure to delight your palate. We're excited to see what you cook up with his expertise and kitchen know-how!


Chef Estee's April Menu:


Carpaccio featuring SoNo Trading Co. Whole Grain Mustard with Fricco and Rucola


Crispy Pig's Trotters featuring All Spice Cafe Chipotle Olive Tapenade


Campo "Ribollita" Soup featuring Rancho Gordo Ayocote Blanco Beans


Drunken Money Budino featuring The Jam Stand Drunken Monkey Jam




All-Spice Cafe // Chipotle Olive Tapenade


Curators: JD Cowles & John Lesko


Having created award-winning sauces since 2006, All Spice Cafe has taken their Abbot Kinney neighborhood by storm. Their Chipotle-Kalamata Olive Tapenade exemplifies their approach to "spice for flavor not necessary for heat". A classic mixture of olives, capers, garlic, and rosemary are made modern with a kick of chipotle and is ideal in scrambled eggs and with red meats or in compound butters and vinaigrettes.





Rancho Gordo // Ayocote Blanco Beans


Curator: Steve Sando


Fueled by a passion for discovering new ingredients and re-introducing them to the food community, Rancho Gordo is continually seeking rare beans and creating a substantial seed bank ensuring they are never lost again. The Ayocote Blanco Beans are perfectly approachable and versatile with a rich potato flavor and creamy texture. The legumes can be used in almost any European dish such as chorizo and clams, cassoulet, or pasta fazool as well as Spanish flavors including chilaquiles or in an ancho chile sauce.





SoNo Trading Co. // Whole Grain Mustard


Curators: Zach Negin & James Magnatta


Started in 2009 and inspired by the mustard-covered hills of their hometown,

SoNo Trading Company produces full-bodied flavor variations of the condiment perfect alone or in a variety of dishes. Produced with Stone Brewing Company’s Smoked Porter, the Whole Grain Mustard is briny and piquant elevating everything from pork loin to salmon. Add to marinades, dressings, and aioli for a boost of umami and texture.






The Jam Stand // Drunken Monkey Jam


Curators: Jessica Quon & Sabrina Valle


The Jam Stand is Brooklyn’s happiest food company, started by two friends driven to push the limits of what packaged food can be the combination of unique flavors. Using only the freshest fruit sourced from local farms their products have an imaginative personality and meticulous detail. The Drunken Monkey Jam is created with sugar-coated bananas, a splash of rum, and a squeeze of lime. Perfectly sweet with an undercurrent of tart notes, the jam compliments pancakes, jamaican jerk flavors, or even in cocktails.


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