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Samantha & Jason

As one of Los Angeles’ most prominent DJ couples, Samantha Duenas (aka So Super Sam) and Jason Stewart (aka Them Jeans) not only share an innate love for music but you’ve got it - food. After taking a single glance at either one of their Instagram accounts, you’ll soon realize how deep their appreciation for good eating truly goes - especially when it comes to eggs. We spent an afternoon with the couple talking about some of their favorite dishes while they cooked up an incredible meal with a few of our artisanal ingredients.

What was the first meal you shared?

The first meal we cooked together was at our friend Jamie's house, we had just gone on our first hike together, with the hopes of grabbing an "eggs in a basket" from The Trails Cafe afterwards. They were sold out by the time we got there so we just made our own and they turned out delicious.

Who cooks and who cleans?

Sam: We both contribute to the cooking, but I don't mind if Jason takes the reigns on cooking and I'll be in charge of the wine and doing the dishes. I have an affinity for doing dishes that Jason seems to be very okay with.

Fav dish the other makes?

Jason: Samantha does a great salt baked whole branzino, but I'd have to say her biscuits are my favorite.

Samantha: Jason is really such a whiz in the kitchen, he cooks up some really impressive dishes all the time so it's difficult to narrow down to one favorite. I'm going to go with soft scrambled eggs and coffee. It's simple, but no Michelin-starred restaurant could compare to the love he puts into the pour over and the eggs. Best way to start the day.

Local Artisanal treat of choice?

Jason: When I hear the word "treat" it's usually something sweet, I live down the street fromProof Bakery, so every treat they give me is great, but if I have to be real, we both have a soft spot for pastor nachos fromEl Flamin' Taco, which is now dangerously within walking distance from me.

Samantha: The milkshakes at Oinkster, they usually have a different special every month and use Fosselman's ice cream to make their milkshakes. Also there is a Korean bakery near us that makes milk tea macarons. Milk tea. Macarons.

Favorite foodie destination?

Jason: Downtown LA probably has the highest concentration of my favorite foods in a 2 mile radius in the world.

Samantha: Drop me off in Koreatown. I love everything about Korean food; chadol hot off the grill dipped into sesame oil and salt, japchae, jja jang, soon tofu, cold noodles, pickled veggies, everything.

Jason and Sam 1
Jason and Sam 1

Dueling Recipes?

Jason: The Drunken Monkey Jam is really sweet, so I'd swirl it into some vanilla ice cream and make a new flavor, or make baked beans with the Ayocote Blancos from Rancho Gordo for an english style beans on toast PERHAPS with a fried egg on top.

Samantha: We were talking about using the SoNo Trading Co. whole grain mustard with a steak tartare. Or I'd mix the olive tapenade with a little mayo and spread it onto a grilled ear of corn as an elote topping.

Jason and Sam 3
Jason and Sam 3