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Yellow Eye Beans | Arugula | Creme Fraiche

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Soft, creamy and packed with delicate flavors, Chef Brittanny Anderson's recipe for Yellow Eye Beans is both a soul satisfier and a crowd pleaser - perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon snack or at your next backyard schindig.


1 Bag, Rancho Gordo Yellow Eye Beans

2 Tablespoons, Creme Fraiche

1 Handful Arugula Leaves, Washed + Cleaned

1/4 Cup, Chicken Stock or Bean Water

1 Tablespoon, Chives

1 Tablespoon, Unsalted Butter


1. Cook beans according to package instructions. At Metzger Bar + Butchery the restaurant soaks them overnight, then simmers the beans with a chunk of carrot, onion and celery until tender. 

2. Drain the cooked beans (reserving the liquid if making the beans vegetarian) and separate 2 cups of beans. 

3. Add reserved beans to a large saute pan. Add the stock (or bean liquid) and bring up to a boil.

4. Reduce the liquid until it is starting to glaze the beans and there is just a tablespoon left in the pan.

5. Turn off the heat and add butter, swirling the pan to emulsify it into the sauce.

6. Stir in the creme fraiche, chives and arugula. Season with salt + pepper and serve immediately. 

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