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Whitney Adams | Brunellos Have More Fun


Whitney Adams is a sommelier, writer, and traveler living in Los Angeles. She is the owner of Bottle Stock, a shop specializing in stylish wine accessories for the modern drinker.

How did you develop a love for wine?

It was a gradual process after years of working in restaurants, with some travel to Italy sprinkled in. I had an a-ha moment soon after I moved to LA and it was game over. Wine was my thing. I went to work harvest in southern Italy and knew without a doubt that wine was the right path for me. It has brought so much magic and adventure to my life, and I've met some truly amazing people.

What sparked the idea to create your blog, Brunellos Have More Fun?

I wanted a creative outlet and also a place to document my travels through Italy in 2009. When I returned home, I kept at it. Five years later and I'm still going. My writing and photography style has definitely developed and changed over the years. But, my blog will always be a place (hopefully) to see pretty pictures and learn about interesting wines in a fun environment.

You also own a company called Bottle Stock. Tell us more!  

I was always bummed by the lack of stylish wine accessories, so I decided to do something about it! I launched Bottle Stock, a year ago. It has been one of the hardest (and most rewarding) things I've ever done.

Is there a wine that is in constant rotation on your dinner table?

Not really. I am always on the move when it comes to the wine in my glass. I like to try new things constantly. I drink a lot of French, California, and Italian, interesting bubbly, tons of rosé, riesling...anything that works with the food or the moment.

What's your favorite local artisan treat?

SQIRL jam and Compartes chocolate. No doubt. And ANYTHING Proof Bakery makes.

We know that Italian wine is your first love, but what other countries have your heart when it comes to vino?

France! The wines I've been drinking the most of lately have been either French or domestic (California and Oregon). I also have to say that I had a wonderful trip to Spain a few years ago and really fell in love with the winemakers and the landscape there.

What ingredient in our April box would you most be inclined to try and why? 

Rancho Gordo Beans. I first learned about Rancho Gordo about 6 years ago when I was managing a restaurant that was also a gourmet marketplace. The buyer for the market had amazing taste and loved and supported Rancho Gordo beans. With them around, why eat any other bean?

Whitney Adams/ @ubriaca on Twitter + Instagram

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