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Beats by Dre Offsite Culinary Curation

When Beats by Dre brought their international team from London, Paris + Tokyo to Los Angeles to outline the strategy for their new product release, they contacted The FareTrade to provide a customized culinary experience. From providing catering solutions utilizing our favorite Los Angeles restaurants and chefs to personalized welcome boxes showcasing local artisans.

Ras el Hanout

Our band of culinary adventurers love the depth of flavor that this blend adds to almost everything it mixes with. It's sublime in a tangine with chickpeas and cauliflower; whisked into a creamy yogurt-based salad dressing; or for pita pockets with grilled chicken, cucumber and loads of fresh herbs.

Brioche | Creme Fraiche | Tarragon | Jam


Strawberry Mango Passionfruit Jam

In business since 2002, We Love Jam began by focusing on one varietal - Blenheim Apricot. After a mention in Food & Wine proclaiming their jam the best they ever tasted and with more requests than their single tree could accommodate, they began looking for an orchard to increase production. Shortly after, the team began selling other products that they had made for years that friends and family were equally crazy about.

Durum Rocchetti

Its tubular shape plays nicely with lighter sauces such as pesto or pomodoro and is perfect for pasta salads tossed with fresh veggies and creamy cheeses. Of course, in our test kitchen we also love it with restaurant flavors like braised eggplant or ricotta salata, in robust soups, and of course in a killer mac and cheese.

Angelo Garro

Founded with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, Angelo started with his Omnivore Salt Blend that has since been endorsed by both Alice Waters and Michael Pollan as "indispensable". He has since expanded the line to include two salt blends and three condiments, all following his passion for fresh ingredients all made from scratch, influenced by his grandmother and Sicilian roots. 

Mexican Hot Fudge Sundae | Mole Popcorn | Cherry | Cola