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The FareTrade Is Evolving

To Members, Friends, and Our Community –

When we launched The FareTrade in 2014, we were inspired by the idea that chefs, makers and food lovers could be united through one collective experience. What was meant to be an avenue for the shared culinary community developed into what most know it as today – a monthly curation of small-batch artisans by some of the nation’s most recognized chefs.

From gift boxes, recipes and cinematic tutorials to pop-up dining and activations, The FareTrade was never envisioned to take on one form, but something that celebrated those who motivated its inception, evolving to showcase the chefs and food entrepreneurs it supported through expanding circles of storytelling and creativity. The chance to usher in a new era of American-Made workmanship and championing the underdog became the manifest for the last three years of The FareTrade’s lifecycle.

Today, however, marks the end of a chapter: this will be the last consecutive monthly basket delivered. As a pioneer in the culinary subscription box landscape, we feel our impact in the space has been actualized. Having had the chance to traverse coast-to-coast and see how food affects communities across the country on both a micro and macro level has enlightened us that The FareTrade is bigger than the confines of a cardboard box; that real accomplishment comes from enriching the food stories and successes of those around us. To continue the journey, our focus and resources will be placed in cultivating and curating the local epicurean communities both in Los Angeles and across the country through event activations, education-driven workshops and culinary consultation.

We’re excited for the manifestation of where The FareTrade is headed. We cannot thank you for your support and contribution enough. We hope you’ll continue to join us on the next phase, our next Culinary Adventure.

So…no more boxes?

March 2017 (our 3rd anniversary box!) will be our last. It’s an exciting collaboration leaving the basket world behind at the highest highs. Past chef baskets + select artisan ingredients will remain available in our marketplace and new baskets will roll out from time-to-time spotlighting amazing talent, progressive makers and brand partners. Keep an eye out!


I have an active subscription to The FareTrade. Now what?

If you have an active membership, March’s basket will be your last and your subscription will be terminated at the end of the month. For those who purchased or are still enjoying a gift membership, fret not – you will continue to receive baskets of chefs you’ve yet to experience. If there are any questions, contact us here.  


For our artisan + chef partners - there’s more to come!

There is no way for us to thank you for believing in The FareTrade and making the company the success that it has become today. The opportunity for collaboration remains at the forefront of the next iteration of The FareTrade brand. A snapshot of things to come - a studio of content creation, marketing, advertising + pr services for food entrepreneurs; crafting a culinary agency for the next generation of food talent; and partnerships with brands we only dreamed of when we launched. It’s going to be a wild 2017 and we’re excited to welcome you along for the ride. Learn more about these new opportunities by contacting us here.


What now?

Life is an adventure  and as one journey comes to a close, another begins. We can’t wait to share what’s next for The FareTrade and the exciting projects in the works. When we began this experiment we wanted to provide young chefs and food artisans the chance to reach the next level and we’re taking that mentality to another arena. When The FareTrade launched we were inspired to foster a community and with a nationwide band of culinary adventurers in tow, we’re excited to root that community with a base to call home. And now, more than ever, we’re dedicated to continue spotlighting up-and-coming epicurean talent through exciting activations, intimate experiences and lifelong connections.


Our sincerest appreciation,

Max Block + Jake Ahles


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