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Farmer John Sponsorship

Farmer John Bacon Topped Watermelon

Farmer John Sponsorship 

Off The Menu Club X Flynn Skye X Shay Mitchell Backyard BBQ

The FareTrade partnered with Off The Menu Club for their Backyard BBQ featuring Flynn Skye + Shay Mitchell to bring in Farmer John as a culinary sponsorship partner.

Objective: Identify sponsorship opportunity for Farmer John to showcase their all-natural pork products to influencers, providing content creation opportunities and social shares

Results: Partnered with Off The Menu Club for their Backyard BBQ with Flynn Skye and Shay Mitchell. Attendees included social media influencers such as Logan Paul, Josh Peck, Andy Milonakis, Elysia Rotaru and, Carlene K amongst others. Secured posts across Shay Mitchell's social accounts.