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Spicy Balsamico Chimichurri

Gardel's Spicy Balsamico Chimichurri


Crafted By: Gerard Bozoghlian

Los Angeles, CA

Inspired by Mom and Dad Bozoghlian's 1972 honeymoon in Italy, aji peppers and balsamic vinegar together capture the refinement and spirited kick of Italian cuisine. The not-so-secret pairing of aji with 100% balsamic from Modena (at the time rarer in Argentina than gold!) takes traditional chimichurri to whole new heights. 

Handcrafted and bottled in California, this condiment is all-natrual, preservative-free and made with organic non-GMO ingredients it's a bold addition to everything you can throw on a grill. Try adding to grilled steak for a BIG flavor boost; on top of your morning eggs to get the day started right; or just dip your favorite bread in the won't last long!

Before their family opened Gardel's in West Hollywood in 1996, the parilla in their Buenos Aires home brought the family together physically and in spirit. While their grandfather manned the flames, their father enchanted with stories and jokes, giving mom the freedom to unleash her greatest passion: creating the unforgettable chimichurri's that elevate everything that comes off the grill. 

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