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Chef Vartan Abgaryan

Executive Chef, 71 Above; Los Angeles, CA

What better way to get a little retrospective than from the highest highs where you can see where you’ve come and where you’re going? No better a way to celebrate than to splurge and live it up. And this collaboration deserves it - marking the final consecutive monthly basket for The FareTrade. We’re excited for what’s to come and to share with you, our band of culinary adventurers, what’s next. But today, let’s bask in the gold of the sunshine, delight our palates with food that feels both rich and comforting at once - just the right bit glamorous. Chef Vartan Abgaryan and his restaurant located seventy-one stories above LA (the highest west of the Mississippi) made for the ideal partner this go - a shining dining beacon in our home, The City of Angels. The next journey begins tomorrow and we’re excited to invite you along. Stay tuned for the next Culinary Adventure.

Chef Vartan Abgaryan

A Los Angeles native, Chef Vartan Abgaryan has seen the city become the culinary destination it is regarded as today. His cooking reflects that - chalk full of seasonal ingredients, a melding of high-brow and health-conscious flavors. As Executive Chef of 71 Above, Abgaryan commands a restaurant with views of the entire LA basin and surrounding mountain range - to call it “breathtaking" does it a disservice. The dining experiences alongside the food crafted by Chef Abgaryan, result in an unparalleled opportunity to be transported to a world of opulence long missing from the city’s dining scene. There is no doubt that he is progressing the city to new heights. 

71 Above

At 950 feet above ground level, 71Above is the highest restaurant west of the Mississippi. Offering elevated modern American cuisine by Chef Vartan Abgaryan, 71Above boasts breathtaking ocean views from Malibu to Laguna Hills, along with spectacular views of the Los Angeles basin and the surrounding mountain ranges.

In addition to the magnificent views, 71Above was designed to provide a number of varying dining experiences. Guests may choose to dine within the buzz of the bar or in our adjacent lively main dining room. The Chef’s tables offer views of the open kitchen and transition into a semi-private dining area, offering a quieter and more intimate dining environment.