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Ras el Hanout

India Tree Ras El Hanout

India Tree

Crafted By: Gretchen Goehrend

Seattle, WA

Ras el Hanout is one of the most traditional spice blends to originate in Morocco. Meaning "head" or "top of the shop" this blend implies that every owner mixes the spices to his or her own taste - not one single batch will be the same! Containing as many of 20 or more spices including mace, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, dried rosebuds and more this spice is bound to shake up your cooking!

Our band of culinary adventurers love the depth of flavor that this blend adds to almost everything it mixes with. It's sublime in a tangine with chickpeas and cauliflower; whisked into a creamy yogurt-based salad dressing; or for pita pockets with grilled chicken, cucumber and loads of fresh herbs.

About India Tree

For centuries, the word "India" referred to a fabled kingdom in the East known to the Western world for its silk, porcelain, spices, sugar, and tea. These treasures traveled westward by caravan over the legendary Silk Road, then from Arabian ports to Europe by sea. In actuality, "India" was not a single place, but a composite of many countries and cultures as yet unknown to Western civilization. Inspired by the never-ending quest for the exotic, India Tree are creating a legend of their own by bringing together an extraordinary assortment of quality products from around the world.

Discover India Tree's Ras El Hanout In The Box from Chef Vartan Abgaryan